The Story Of Sebhat Nega


Santo Individual, Yareed was a stunning craftsman of Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia, ascribes the headway of the exhibition of music blessed to the Orthodox Ethiopian church, Church Orthodox, Ethiopian Catholic Church, Catholic Church of Eritrea, and the Arrangement of the melodic documentation of Ethiopia. 


Yareded was envisioned in Miazia (April) 5, 525 adverts in the city of Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia. The school was hard for Yared youngsters. He never comprehended the Psalms of David. Given his ghastly school need, he had stood up to his angry uncle at home and standard actual request. Yared YOUTH attempted to learn and comprehend the activities of the Assembly for over seven years, regardless, which fizzled. It has been duplicated to disturbance and control and life ends up being more hard for him. 


At the point when it was a day and halted under a QAL MUIDE TREE, PARI GIORGIS on the edges of Axum. In their scorn and frustration, Yared saw a little bug attempting to climb the tree. The bug has attempted once, it is leveled. Attempted the last period, he dropped by and by. The mistake attempted to climb the tree a couple of times and turn it off. At the seventh exertion, winning to the tree and eaten regular things. Yared Youth took incomprehensible data about God through the small terrifying crawly. He began school the following day. He completed 150 Psalms of David, the books of the prophets, and King Solomon, including understandings and laws of gathering.

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