Statement by Tigray Regional State


The Federal Attorney-General declared that it is being set up to introduce the current week's charges against suspects of the Council's aim of June 2019 in the Regional State of Amhara. 


At a question and answer session gave today, Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye said 15 individuals were killed and another 20 harmed in the endeavor to beat drove by General Brigadier Asaminew Tsige. 


Following the occurrences, capture warrants were given for 70 suspects and 31 of them were arrested. Ledgers of 22 suspects were solidified, he said. 


Also, a few weapons, cell phones, unfamiliar banknotes, and nearby and five vehicles were seized according to the occurrence, he said. 


Arrangements have been made to introduce charges against 78 suspects (55 of Bahir Dar and 23 of Addis Ababa), he said. 


Head of State of the National Defense Force, Gen. Ocean Mekonnen, Chief Administrator of the Regional State of Amhara, Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen and his Advisor Eizez Wasie, the Attorney General of the Regional State, Migbaru Kebe, and the primary general Geza'e Aberer were among the authorities executed in the occurrence.

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